About Us

ELEPHANT MOVING has become a well-known name in the moving industry in the Los Angeles region.

Well, it is because of our steadfast emphasis on efficiency, our client's budget, and customer satisfaction. One can only measure our success by the number of repeat customers and referrals we get consistently.

We are fully aware that every move differs from the other, and this awareness helps us to be responsive to the needs of every customer.


Free and and-obligation on-site estimates.

Fully insured and licensed.

Clean and hygienic equipment and trucks.

Trained and dependable professionals.

Our Services

Local Moving

Thinking of making a local move nearby? Then you should definitely try out the services provided by ELEPHANT MOVING. We have been in the business for over 40 years and understand the importance of professionalism and care that is needed for packing and moving.

Long Distance Moving (Within CA)

A successful and hassle-free long-distance move needs efficient planning and the assistance of a reliable moving company. We at ELEPHANT MOVING have been helping our clients with long-distance moves for more than 40 years now. So you can rely on our dependability and top-notch services.

Office Moves

Over the decades, we have garnered a solid reputation of being one of the best office movers in the region. Our experts are equipped with all the latest equipment required to handle executive furniture, swivel chairs, file cabinets, etc.

Commercial Moves

When it comes to providing state-of-the-art commercial moves in California, no one does it better than our experts at ELEPHANT MOVING. We have helped relocate countless businesses over 4 decades, and our consistency and attention to detail have helped us stand apart from the rest.

Storage Short & Long Terms

Besides helping our clients move, we also provide them with the option of storing their belongings in our warehouse. Our brand new storage facility is a large space of about 600m2, which offers some of the best security and cleanliness for your belongings

Packing & Unpacking

Our experts acknowledge the attachment that you might have with your belonging. This is why they take extra care wrapping and padding your stuff before the move. The same level of care is taken while unpacking your belongings to ensure that nothing gets damaged in the process.

What Our Clients Say

Sepide Aghdasi

"First moving experience using a professional local Venice mover."

Steve M

"We went across the blvd moving in los Angeles but the friendly men are true to what the estimator said, Kind movers."

Paula Vila

"They are so excellent and give such a great price, the moving men are polite as well."

Paula Vila

"Excellent, excellent from the moving estimate to the lower moving cost at the end, quality moving men"

Our Work Process

  • Book Your Service

  • Pack Your Good

  • Safe Loading

  • Safe Dilivery


  • 1. How long do you usually take to process a requirement?

    Usually, it takes a maximum of 24 hours. However, it might take a little longer depending on the type of requirement.

  • 2. How long do you take to conduct a pre-move survey?

    It does not take longer than 2-3 hours to conduct a pre-move survey.

  • 3. What are the responsibilities that Ishould take during the whole process?

    You must segregate your items in advance. You should take special care of valuables like gold, cash, etc., and make it a point to present proper documents like a copy of Insurance coverage for the movable items.

  • 4. What can you tell about the normal value of the insurance coverage?

    The normal value will depend on the goods you are going to transport and also on the actual value declared by you.

  • 5. What kind of containers are used by you?

    We primarily make use of close body containers of different sizes to suit your every requirement.



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