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Moving to Westwood? Well the best Westwood movers are here for you! Elephant moving is ready to assist you with all of your moving needs and inquiries. We have been serving the LA are for over 45 years and our experienced and professional moving team is ready to help you settle in to your new westwood home. Westwood is a lively urban location filled with plenty to do. Ranging from coffee shops and restaurants to great shopping and parks, you are bound to keep yourself busy. This family friendly college town is the perfect place to soak up that urban LA lifestyle weather you are hitting the books or raising a family.


Elephant Moving’s reliable and professional staff are more than prepared to help you in your big move, allowing you to sit back and leave the hard work up to us. If you are looking to redecorate or just pick up a couple of things, westwood has a Target located right in the center of the area. And if your are looking to repaint your new home you can find a Sherman-Wiliams paint store in the neighborhood. Helping you personalise your property for that perfect homey feel. You can also find Sur La Table downtown if you are hoping to put together your dream kitchen. As well as the Westwood UPS Store for when you have to send out or pick up your personal items.

Although Westwood conveniently has everything you might need in its area, it can still be a hassle to move all of your belongings in and out. Elephant Moving is here to help! We provide a stress-free westwood moving solution with the highest quality customer care. We know that preparing for a move into, or out of Westwood can be time consuming, which is why we offer a variety of boxes as well as dish packs, packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape. We also understand that the cost of moving adds up, so we allow you to return up to 50 of your used boxes for their original purchase price!

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Elephant Moving has been operating in Los Angeles county for over 40 years, so we know the Westwood area like the back of our hand. In fact, we are located just a short drive from Westwood. Due to our wealth of knowledge and experience we know how to best accommodate your moving service requirements based on location and the type of property.

To keep your furniture in excellent condition we wrap and pad all of your items prior to moving them into our Los Angeles storage facility. Don’t worry, you will have access to your furniture at any time! Because we take the time to really listen to our clients, our customer service care is unmatched. Our highly experienced moving estimator works with you to create a plan for the best moving strategies. We also offer onsite moving estimate for moving to or from Westwood, with no-obligation. Call today to request a FREE Quote for your move at (310) 815-8304.

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