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90066 Los Angeles

Los Angeles Moving Services

Are you moving into or out of the zip code 90066 Los Angeles? Would you like the help of one of the most professional moving companies in Los Angeles? Look no further than Elephant Moving. We’ve been operating in the Los Angeles area for over 45 years, and we’ve learned more about the moving process in this city than most moving companies can even conceive of. We specialize in providing families and companies with efficient and stress-free moving days. We can offer the same for you.


Arguably the heart of the Westside, this zip code encompasses Mar Vista and the parts of Culver City west of the 405. This neighborhood is barely two miles from Elephant Moving’s headquarters. Understandably, we know it well. When you’re on the hunt for a local moving service, you can’t get much more local than us. Other moving companies prefer you not to know where they’re based, because they worry that a long distance puts customers off. We are proud to serve Los Angeles, not all of Southern California. We know this county in great detail and how best to accommodate your requirements based on location and the type of property.


We’re the Los Angeles moving/storage company that offers the best customer service. How do we know this? We offer a free, no-obligation onsite estimate, with our highly experienced moving estimator coming to your home or place of work to provide you with an educated quote on what your move will require. In his estimate, he will include the optimum manpower required to ensure your move is accomplished in a reasonable time. For larger moves, he will also calculate whether your possessions will require more than one moving truck. If you have big or small items that are delicate or difficult, he will take those into account. He can even tell you approximately how many boxes you’ll need for packing. If you are waiting for work to be done on your next property, you may need to put some or all of your possession in storage. Elephant Moving offers short- and long-term storage options at a generous rate, which is both clean and secure. You’ll have access to your items should you need it, while we are looking after them for you. If you would prefer to use another storage facility, we can offer our expert opinions on the most cost-effective and convenient locations in your area.

You don’t have to take our word for it, though. On Yelp and in our personal feedback reports, the story is the same. Our clients love us. Our high rate of referrals and repeat customers shows you why we’re called Elephant Moving. Our clients never forget the top quality service they receive when they choose us.

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We offer a full service at Elephant Moving. Not only do we offer boxes and packing material for purchase, we’ll buy back 50 boxes after the move for a full refund. We protect the floor of your property, and offer pad and wrap protection for your furniture to keep it from getting damaged during the move. Our staff are professionally trained to disassemble and reassemble your beds. We are the Los Angeles movers that work smart as well as hard, each move conducted in the safest and most efficient manner. That’s why we’re a fully licensed and insured company, with a robust Worker’s Comp policy to protect ourselves and our clients. Our documents are available for your inspection

From Hancock Park to Venice, Pacific Palisades to the Hollywood Hills, Elephant Moving is at hand to provide a smooth, effective transition from one property to another. Call us today on (310) 815-8304 to get your free quote.

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