90067 Century City

Best Moving Service Near 90067 Century City

Best Moving Service Near 90067 Century City

If you wish to move your business or family into the 90067 zip code, Elephant Moving is the company for you. We are here to help you with any of your packing or moving needs. Whether it be hauling your family’s belongings to your Century City home or transporting your furniture up to your new skyrise office, we are at your service. Century Cityis home to some of the major industries in the greater Los Angeles area. It is also a frequent destination for shopping, entertainment, dining, hotels, and housing. We specialise in custom care and providing reliable and hassle-free moving services to bustling commercial neighborhoods like this one.

Century City Professional Movers

As one of the most prominent employment centers in LA, you are bound to find hundreds of offices and corporate employees all around Century City. It also has the highest concentration of talent agencies in Los Angeles. You can dine at a wide range of amazing Century City restaurants, where you can find anything from quick service restaurant and to-go options perfect for your lunch break, to a sit down restaurants you can enjoy with your family and friends. The brand new and refurbished Century City Mall is considered to be one of the best places to spend your free time. With its state of the art movie theater, sizable food court, and a variety of retail stores you can find something to do for everyone. You can also find multiple fine dining restaurants filled with celebrities and socialites throughout the mall.  There is a family lounge as well as multiple seating areas and charging stations all around the building. This patio styled luxury shopping and entertainment destination captures the Century City lifestyle perfectly.

Another great location to check out is the Annenberg Space for Photography. This cultural destination is home to the only photography museum in los angeles. Here you can enjoy free exhibits that feature work from some of the world’s most famous and talented photographers. This vibrant and busy area of Century City is perfect for entertainment and business, but can be a pain when it comes to moving all of your stuff in or out. So Elephant Moving is here to help! We know that moving can become time consuming, which is why we offer a variety of boxes as well as dish packs, packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape delivered right to your door for a small fee. We also understand that the cost of moving adds up, so we allow you to return up to 50 of your used boxes for their original purchase price!


As professional Century City movers, our primary concern is customer service and making sure that our staff assists you with all of your moving needs flawlessly. We take the time to get to know your situation and listen to your requests and concerns pertaining to your moving process. We even offer solutions to common moving dilemmas that our clients face. For example, sometimes your move out date is a while before your move in date. As a resolution to this issue we developed a storage program.

We move your belongings right into our short term/long term storage facility until your property is ready for move in. You can sleep well at night knowing that your furniture is wrapped and padded prior to moving it into a secure location. That you will access to at any time. On top of that, our company is insured, which is a crucial part for any moving company in Century City and beyond. We also offer onsite moving estimates. A moving specialist is available to come to your property and work on a plan for the best moving strategy with no strings attached. Whether you are moving into, or out of Century City, Call today to request a FREE Quote at (310) 815-8304.

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