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Best Moving Service Near 90077 Bel Air

Best Moving Service Near 90077 Bel Air

When it comes to neighborhoods that punch above their weight in terms of recognition, 90077 Bel-Air is definitely one of them. Bel-Air is an opulent residential neighborhood in the flourishing hills of the Santa Monica Mountains. Two elegant entrance gates off Sunset Blvd. draw you to winding streets with gorgeous mansions. Filled with celebrities and powerful entertainment industry leaders the city is home to the famous Hotel Bel-Air and the ritzy Bel-Air Country Club. Bel-Air is also home to world-famous restaurants such as Wolfgang Puck.

Moving Resources For Bel-Air 90077

To make your move even easier 90077 Bel-Air, we offer a variety of boxes. In addition, we also offer dish packs, packing paper, bubble wrap, and tape. You also have the option of returning up to 50 of your used boxes for their original purchase price. Our used boxes are on sale offered at half price. You might want to consider buying our used boxes if you are moving too far away to return them. After your move to 90077 Bel-Air, if you need to send or receive mail, there are a couple of options for you near the city. There is the Bel-Air Postal Center that will take care of all of your shipping needs. If you don’t want to go all the way out to North Bel-Air, you can venture to the UCLA campus and use the post office at Ackerman Union. A third post office is near Bel-Air in Brentwood, sitting right on Barrington Ave.


 For those seeking moving services with an unparalleled understanding of Los Angeles County, including 90077 Bel-Air, tens of thousands have trusted Elephant Moving in its more than 45 years of business. We are comfortable with local and long-distance moving, but our expertise shines brightest when clients come to us for help with local moving. Bel Air homes are generally more accessible if you’re a good map reader and all of our certified employees at Elephant Movers will ensure your move goes as smooth as possible.

For moves where ongoing work or other factors means some possessions will have to go into storage, we have clean and secure facilities available for our clients at a very favorable price. Our storage is available short- or long-term and includes personal access to your items. The more fragile or larger items will be padded and wrapped to ensure no damage or soiling occurs during storage. If our facility does not meet your needs, we are happy to advise on storage warehouses in the area you require which offer good value for money. But in all honesty, the reason that we feel confident about our claim to be the best is that our clients keep telling us so. Whether on Yelp, in personal feedback forms, or simply by referring us to their friends or coming back to us for other moves, they make their feelings very clear. Our clients never forget the excellent service they receive when they choose Elephant Moving. Check out our website elephantmoving.com and call today to request a FREE Quote (310) 815-8304.

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