Packing & Unpacking


More than over forty years of experience in Los Angeles Residential moving has made the name of Elephant Moving as the number one brand of moving. We value and respect your attachment to your belongings, so for safety we wrap and do padding to your all valuables. No matter if it a piano, or a painting, or any art piece, or even a flower vase, with our multi wrapping and padding system all your residential belongings are in the safest hand. Elephant Moving Co. in Los Angeles is the most trusted professional packer and mover for your long distance moving, who ensures your belongings’ safety. We make sure while packing that every item is wrapped with bubble wrap and taped properly so that it won’t break during transportation or in our storage.

The technology of packing has changed abruptly with passing time but Elephant Moving Co. has never failed in its commitment to give you the best Long distance Moving Service for residential. We take good care of every small item and make sure none of them gets damaged during packing and transportation, because we know every little thing can bear great memories, and we respect your priceless memories, so we take the best measurements before packing and moving. Our dedication and diligence have made Elephant Moving Co. the best service provider for Los Angeles’ long distance moving.


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