Storage Short & Long Terms

Storage Short & Long Terms

Elephant Moving Co. is one of the pioneer companies of moving Los Angeles Residential who has warehouse tech support for storage for your belongings. Relocation nowadays in a very common thing for but when you are moving long distance you need Storage for your stuff. When the question of security arises, Elephant Moving Co. is the only company moving Los Angeles Residential you should rely on, cause apart from packing and moving we have our own warehouse tech support for Storage purpose only.

Commitment & diligence are the two things what clients see in us. And it is our duty to provide assurance to our clients when we pack, move & store their valuables. When you deal with Elephant Moving Co., it is our responsibility to make sure that your stuff is safe with us in our Storage.

We provide 1m2 to 600m2 storage spaces in the warehouse, which is our brand new storage, offering highest quality of security and cleanliness.

While keeping your belongings in our storage space you will have 24hrs access of you storage space where your stuffs’ security is assured by us and it is under CCTV surveillance. You will receive a personal lock with 2 keys, which means you are the only one who can access your stuff.

For your items we provide convenient, simple and cost effective storage solutions:

  • Items are stored in specially designed room maintained by professional personnel.
  • For piano, antiques, artifacts or delicate items we offer special storage and security
  • We can pack your items in different storage boxes or containers, if required.
  • We place your item where you can access your stuff without any hassle.
  • Pay only for the space you need for your items.
  • Premises are 24×7 under CCTV surveillance.

The Size You Need, The Size You Pay for

Renting storage for the first time is a bit difficult because people at once cannot decide which size will be best for their packed items. After all a correct decision saves your bucks, especially when you are planning to store items for a long term.

We provide different storage space with different cost:

  • 12m3 (2x2x3) price- $187/ month
  • 5 m3 (1.5x3x3) price-$211/month
  • 18m3 (2x3x3) price- $275/month
  • 78m3 (2.2.×3.3×3) price – $313/month
  • 24m3 (2x4x3) price- $345/month

Elephant Moving Co. has a long experience of packing, moving and storing peoples’ stuff for over forty years. Our loyalty, integrity and efficiency have made us number one in moving residential Los Angeles service.

For quote shoot us a message of give us a call, we are just on the other side of the phone.


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